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Palermo Hollywoodnews

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Now available in Palermo Hollywood
/ Jægersborggade 31, Nørrebro, Cph

'Efficient waste of time'news

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Group exhibition at Officinet in Copenhagen
'Effektiv spild af tid'
/ Maya Rosette -Julie Bach -Astrid Skibsted -Stine Leth
27.aug.- 6.sept.2015

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Coming soonDesign

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The stool was designed in a collaboration between architect Henrik Ilfeldt and knitting artist Stine Leth.

Stine Leth is known for her knitted sculptures and wall objects. She is autodidact and never followed a knitting recipe. Her inspiration comes from within, and the knitted objects just emerge while she knits.

She picks out colours along the way, and often tries to integrate new materials such as leather and nylon stockings into the knitting.

Henrik Ilfeldt is the founder of Korridor Design. He often works in wood and loves to mix colours and materials. He aims to bring splashes of colour into modern homes in order to put a smile on peoples faces.

The stool is a piece of furniture, and can be used as such, but with a knitted top from Stine Leth it may be an art object as well.

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